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Our most popular service! 
These customers receive maintenance every month to keep their yard in great condition year around.  We give you a quote based on the needs of your yard & your budget.  We start with a basic maintenance program but also offer contracts that include upkeep of hedges, weeds, gutters, pine straw, etc. 
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Does your yard need some TLC, have a lot of leaves fallen, are the shrubs overgrown, and weeds in plant beds taking over?  This is the service for you.   We will get your yard in good shape.  Contact us today to get your personalized quote.


Leaves & debris can clog your gutters and lay dormant on your roof.  Act now!  Let our services help prevent damage to your roof, gutters & shingles. Contact us today to get your personalized quote.


Pine straw & mulch makes your plant beds look great and offer organic benefits.  These organic benefits can help your plants stay healthy.  It also helps prevent soil erosion from the beds and serves as a weed deterrent.
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We will prune small trees during their dormant season so they will bloom properly.  Proper pruning/trimming is essential and our team is well versed in this aspect of landscaping.  Our most popular tree that we prune during January & February is the beautiful Crepe Myrtle that blooms in our area.

We also remove plants/shrubs that you want removed.

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Aeration is an environmentally friendly way to keep your grass healthy.  The process pokes small holes into the ground to allow oxygen to penetrate the soil and to stir up natural nutrients in the soil.  It also, allows for grass seeds to be planted into the ground after the aeration process. This will allow your grass to grow more lushly and greener.  This service is best done in the Spring & Fall. 

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We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With Endless Summer Lawn Care Tally, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

You may not have found your services listed but contact us because we are able to perform other services as well.  


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