Base Pricing for Lawn Maintenance

Pricing for Lawn Maintenance will be based on your unique property.  We will come by and see the property.  We will asses the different needs/desires of the customer and give you a quote based on that.  

Lawn Maintenance includes mowing, weed-eating, edging, and blowing of all hard surfaces. Maintenance prices can increase due to varying landscapes, overgrown grass, or property improvements.  Contact us to come see your yard to give you a personalized quote today.

We also offer annual services/contracts for all your lawn needs.  Hedges, weeding, fertilizer, gutter/roof, etc.  Check out more info on the Services Page.  

Clean-Ups/ Landscape Services

Again, each job is unique and we will make sure the value we bring will be of satisfaction to the customer.

Pine straw Installation

Starting at $9 per bale (doesn't include bed prep)

Hauling Waste/Debris

$60/hour plus waste fee

Small Tree Pruning

Pricing depends on tree size

*Some services aren't listed here. Contact us for a personalized quote for your particular needs! 

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